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Complex Systems Engineering

The growing complexity of heterogeneous systems requires significant changes to the System Engineering (SE) approaches and the data organization.
  • A new system engineering approach:
The traditional approach relies on analytic engineering and becomes inefficient as system complexity increases. A complex system can’t be defined by the aggregation of its individual simple components.
The adoption of a System Engineering approach based on all lifecycle stages improves the overall project efficiency and significantly lowers the risk of integration, verification, and validation issues.
The key to success to complex system developments relies on the very early adoption of well-defined system engineering methodologies and architectural frameworks.
  • An efficient engineering data organization:
The increase of system complexity requires also a radical change to the engineering data organization and usage. The traditional document centric engineering must evolve toward a Model Based System Engineering (MBSE).
Geni6 will assist your organization in the deployment of new System Engineering methodologies necessary to your complex system developments..